Axie Infinity: All You Need To Know

It’s no secret anymore that the globe is going digital as the days go by. Come to think of it, even currencies have followed this digital trend as we now hear of various cryptocurrencies dominating the world. The digital trend has not left games out of it in any way. We will be looking at the Axie Infinity in its totality and how it might affect your life in the long run. What might cross your mind next would be “what is Axie Infinity”

What Is Axie Infinity

Just like ”PlayStation games”, Axie Infinity is an online video game that everyone can play once they know how to go about it. In as much as it is an online video game, it’s quite different from your regular video games in the sense that it is NFT- (non-fungible token) based. The Axie Infinity Game is developed by Vietnamese Studio Sky Mavis.

The game was built in such a way that incorporates cryptocurrency in its activities. It uses the Axie Infinity Shards Token(AXS)– which is Ethereum based and Smooth Love Portion(SLP) token for most of its activities.

This game is Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS compliant – this means you can enjoy these games on your android phones, apple phones, and laptops (be it Windows or macOS).

In the Axie Infinity Game, players are allowed to raise, collect, battle, breed, and trade various kinds of creatures. These creatures are called “Axies”- the special feature about the whole game is that these creatures are digitized as NFT’s.

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History Of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the very first online game that is built on Blockchain that features animated characters. As pointed out earlier, this game was founded by a Vietnamese technology company in 2018. With the recent turn of events, it seems that this Blockchain game has been ranked as the most expensive collection of NFT judging from the May 2021 records.

The strategy behind this fun game is to introduce its players and the world generally to Blockchain technology. Though its aim is educational, it achieves this using fun and exciting activities. It also has a record of uniting various races and people from all over the globe; records have it that  Most of the team members of the Axie Infinity game met online while playing Crypto kitties.

How To Start Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity game is a play-to-earn online game and to start playing the Axie Infinity game you’ll need three Axies. Remember we earlier said the animated characters featured in this game are called Axies. Also, these Axies are non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) which you need to have purchased. You’ll need three of these characters(Axies) to start playing the Axie Infinity game. Before we continue let’s run through all you’ll need to do to start playing the Axie Infinity game.

We earlier stated that the Axie Infinity game allows its players to run the economy. They do this by allowing the players to be able to trade their game assets which exist as digital tokens for crypto, digital currencies. To be able to store these digital assets The Axie Infinity “empire” recommends the use of MetaMask for wallet creations. MetaMask is recommended because it can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Another recommended asset store is Trust Wallet but this only favors Android users because it does not have a browser on IOS. At this point, you must not forget to keep your 12 security words safe(this is otherwise called passphrase)  as this gives you access to your wallet anytime. Losing your security keys results in the permanent loss of your wallet and tokens stored inside.

After getting your asset wallet, your next step will be to create an account with Axie Infinity. To do this you’ll need to find the Axie Marketplace page and then click on login which you’ll find on the top left corner of the page. When you click on login, you get to see a pop-up page that gives you some login options which include – login with email and password, login with MetaMask.

At this point we’ll backtrack our steps a little to the creation of an asset store on MetaMask, so select the login with METAMASK option. Pop-ups from MetaMask will appear but simply click on next after which you click on connect and then sign in as you are prompted to. The sign-in / login process does not require any digital asset payment. You must link your email to your Axie Infinity account, you can do this by clicking on the ‘set up email and password’ option which you’ll find on your dashboard. This option will prompt a code being sent to your email which will be verified after you copy this code and paste it in the box provided and then click on the confirm option.

A recent update shows that Ronin is the new place where Axie transactions and basic activities take place. You’ll be needing a Ronin wallet to be able to interact with Ronin. Ronin is just a side chain that was built by the same company that developed Axie Infinity.

To create a Ronin wallet, find on the dashboard the “wallet” options, click on Install Ronin which you’ll find under the “Activate Ronin Wallet” option. This option will take you to a different page, which is the Ronin Wallet Extension page which is on your chrome web store, when this happens click on the Add To Your Browser option.

When your Ronin wallet is installed, click on the Ronin Extension and then select the Get Started option. The Axie Infinity “empire” Advice you to pin the wallet extension to your browser as this will help you quickly access it easily. Just like every other digital asset stroke you’ll find two options after you click on the Get Started option – You can either import your Ronin wallet, that’s if you already have one, or select the “I’m new, let’s get set up” option if you don’t have a Ronin wallet. If your option is the second then you’ll be taken to a page that allows you to create a Ronin wallet.

When you’re done with setting up your Ronin Wallet, your next step will be to attach your Ronin wallet to your Axie Infinity account. You’ll do this by selecting the Attach Ronin to Account option which is under the Activate Ronin Wallet option on the dashboard.

When you’ve successfully done this, you’re ready to play but first, you’ll need three Axies as we earlier mentioned. To be able to acquire Axies, you’ll need some digital currencies, Ethereum precisely (now you see the reason for all the wallet creation as earlier stated). When you complete your purchase of the Axies, you are ready to download the Axie Infinity game App and start playing.

Axie Infinity Coin

There are two tokens always mentioned when Axie Infinity is called – the SLP and AXS.

What is SLP?

SLP otherwise known as Smooth Love Potion are tokens used for breeding Axies, these are the tokens gamers usually get when they breed Axies. What you must be aware of is that SLP is not the governing token of the Axie Empire.

What is AXS Token?

AXS otherwise known as Axie Infinity Shards token is the governing token of the Axie Empire. Owning AXS allows you to take part in some very important roles in the Axie Empire. You’ll be able to take part in very important governance voting, as well as claim rewards when you stake your tokens.

How To Buy Axie Infinity

Buying Axie Infinity is as easy as setting up your account on Axie Infinity. To be able to buy Axie Infinity you will need a digital asset wallet which we can also call a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Axie Infinity token. Recent research shows that Coinbase, Binance, and Gemini are the most accessible places to buy Axie Infinity tokens.

How To Play Axie Infinity On iOS

We would like you to note that at the moment, the Axie Infinity online game is not available on the IOS store yet, what is available is a Test-flight or beta version which you get via an invitation. Here is a step to step guide on how to play Axie Infinity on IOS

1. Go to your Apple Store and download TESTFLIGHT

2. Your next step after downloading the TESTFLIGHT App will be to visit the official website of Axie Infinity universe – on your iPhone default browser

3. The next step is to look for the “play now” option. You’ll find the play now option at the right-hand side of the official website page

4. After selecting the play now option, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. From the pop-up window choose the IOS version and it will begin downloading

5. After the download and installation, apply to play as a TESTFLIGHT tester

6. You can now play the Axie Infinity online game on your iPhone if you are accepted.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

The Axie Infinity marketplace is like every other marketplace for NFTs, digital currencies. What majorly differentiates the Axie Infinity marketplace from other NFT marketplaces is the fact that it sells only characters from the Axie Infinity universe. If you eventually want something else apart from Axie Infinity characters, then you won’t find them on Axie Infinity marketplace as it is solely dedicated to the transaction(s) of in-game assets and NFTs. You must be aware that the Axie Infinity Marketplace does not support the use of any card or electronic payment platforms because it is Ethereum based so its transactions are always in digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

Why You Should Invest In Axie Infinity

Investing in Axie Infinity is quite different and exceptional because there are amazing surprises. Apart from the financial benefits which we would come to, investing in Axie Infinity is entertaining (you won’t invest without having a feel of this entertainment). 

One major reason you should invest in Axie Infinity is the fact that amongst all cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity has had a whole lot more traction than others. So far, the Axie Infinity online game has generated over $4M as revenue. According to the trend, Axie Infinity token jumped a height as it went from $5 to $45. If you’re still asking whether or not you should invest in Axie Infinity, looking at the profits you stand to gain is more than enough evidence to go ahead with investing.

Having more traction than all other cryptocurrencies, digital assets isn’t just a past story as the trend shows that the Axie Infinity token has a promising future amongst all digital assets.


The Axie Infinity universe is not just a gaming platform but a platform that gives you access to earning, making a profit as you play. It is one online game I will personally recommend as it uses a fun method to bring the world to the knowledge of Blockchain technology.

If you need a platform that will not only entertain you but will also expose you to Blockchain technology while having fun then you have AXIE INFINITY as my recommendation.

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